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Below you will find the top Bitcoin Web Hosting companies. Bitcoins can be used as a payment system to bypass the need to involve financial institutions and governments. Because of the need for privacy, several hosting companies are offering services in exchange for Bitcoins. Here you will find a brief overview of companies that accept bitcoin for their web hosting service.

Rank Provider Price Space/Transfer Features Payment
$3.98 /mo
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25GB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth In business since 2000,
99.9% Uptime, Daily Backups
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BTC, Paypal, Credit Cards
2 $2.54 /mo
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10GB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth Free Domain for Life, Free SSL, DDOS Protected
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BTC, Paypal, OKPAY, WU, Neteller
3 $4.99 /mo in BTC
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6GB Space, 50GB Bandwidth Cheap, Robust and Flexible
Create Your Own Package
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4 €3.40 /mo
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1GB Space, 100GB Bandwidth 30-Day Money Back,
Instant Setup on Icelandic Servers,
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BTC, Paypal, Bank
5 $5.90 /mo
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Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe
Servers, Unlimited Everything
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BTC, Credit Card
6 $14.95 /mo
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10GB Space, 500GB Bandwidth cPanel, Fully Managed,
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BTC, Paypal,

Although bitcoin rose to prominence as a tool for speculation, there is now a broad and growing ecosystem of companies that use it in their daily business. In some cases, they have adopted Bitcoin to circumvent a specific problem encountered when using traditional means of payment, whether that is high costs, slow transaction times or the problems of doing business internationally. In other cases they offer it as an alternative (or sole) means of payment in order to broaden or differentiate their appeal.

Given that bitcoin is a protocol that would be impossible without the internet, it makes sense that many of the companies that make use of its advantages would offer online Bitcoin marketing services. A number of web hosting companies are doing just that.


The Advantages of using Bitcoins to Pay for Web Hosting

There are a number of reasons why companies or individuals would want to pay for web hosting using Bitcoins:

    • Anonymity. Paying with Bitcoins doesn’t leave the same kind of paper trail that using a credit card (the standard method of paying for web hosting) does. There might be any number of reasons why you’d want to avoid this. Bitcoin has gained a reputation for being the default means of transaction for illegal purchases, thanks to the rise and fall of the Silk Road. But if your business is in any way sensitive or controversial, or you simply need to remain anonymous for security or related concerns, then this offers a robust strand of protection. In many cases you only need to provide an email address, rather than extensive real-world details. It is worth noting that Bitcoin transactions are not truly anonymous, but pseudonymous. The transparent nature of the ledger means that it’s actually very easy to follow where money goes – but the addresses may or may not be identifiably linked to an individual or company. Read this article if you are looking for more information on Anonymous Web Hosting.
    • Scalability. One of Bitcoin’s most interesting features is that it allows micropayments to be sent. Traditional systems cannot achieve this, because every transaction is typically accompanied by a fixed fee for various overheads and administrative tasks. These may be absorbed by the retailer or passed on to the consumer. Either way, it means that low-value payments are generally refused by the payment provider, since they are uneconomical. Bitcoin neatly sidesteps this. Payments are extremely cheap, and sometimes free. The miners’ fee is typically 0.0001 btc (currently around $0.06 – transactions that are accompanied by a lower fee should still occur, just more slowly). What this means is that you only need to pay for the hosting you need. Some, for example, offer per-day or per-week web hosting, rather than charging by the month or year. Storage may be quoted in btc/GB/week, or similar, rather than in large tiers. This model would be completely non-viable using traditional payment methods.
    • Lower costs. The other side of this is that companies that accept bitcoin can afford to be more competitive, since they do not have to pay the credit card processing fees. If you are looking for the price of Bitcoins, this is a great Bitcoin value calculator. If these are split between the company and customer, it means both parties get a better deal. In other words, one of the reasons you should choose a bitcoin-accepting web host is because they can offer you cheaper prices.
    • Security. As with other purchases, the bitcoin protocol keeps your details safe. The risk of fraud is vastly reduced, and theft of credit card details becomes a thing of the past.
  • New markets. Businesses that accept bitcoin are forward-thinking and have recognised the potential for tapping into new markets. There are are similar advantages for customers, too. Not least there is the fact that many of these companies have built bitcoin payment processing tools into their platforms, making them easy for you to incorporate into your own website. Here is a great site to for Trading Bitcoin.

These are just a handful of the companies that offer web hosting for bitcoins (and in some cases, other cryptocurrencies). The main benefits of paying by bitcoin are anonymity, lower costs and security from credit card fraud. If you are looking to buy some Bitcoins for anonymous web hosting, check out Buy Bitcoins Guide. The form of hosting and associated services may open up new markets and bring new customers to you, and allow business models and types that would otherwise be difficult to run safely or economically. Different hosts offer additional products that can often be purchased on a per-hour basis (such as web development), again supported by bitcoin’s capability to fulfill small transactions economically. You can even buy 4k electronics using Bitcoin on Tigerdirect.

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